Mobile App Development

GoToMeeting: In mid-2018, I joined GoToMeeting to head the strategy and vision for the GoToMeeting mobile apps. The team and I are actively working on creating the best possible user experience for mobile video conferencing. It is the currently highest rated video & online conferencing app on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Download here: iOS | Android

GoToMeeting Business Messenger: Shortly after starting working on the GoToMeeting app, I also became responsible for a Messenger app, that is compatible with the overall GoToMeeting offering. This product was still in development when I joined the team. Now, the GoToMeeting Business Messenger is available in all major markets.

Download here: iOS | Android

Jelly Splash: In 2016, I took over Wooga’s Jelly Splash game team as a Product Lead. The game had declining user numbers and was lacking meaningful updates for the players. One year later, we were able to become the first game team at Wooga to implement event-driven game mechanics which helped ramp up revenues and retention by up to 30%. Over time, we established best-practices from Jelly Splash in other game teams at Wooga, while also improving the cost/revenue ratio to allow for investments in Wooga’s studio portfolio. Working on Jelly Splash was heavily driven by A/B testing, collaborating with the performance marketing team and staying on the edge of innovation in casual puzzle gaming. The last release of my tenure was in May 2018.

Download here: iOS | Android

In-Game / In-App Advertising: From 2015 to 2016, I lead a team focussing on new ways to integrate in-game advertising mechanisms into casual mobile games. We came up with some fun integrations which felt like mini-games themselves and improved revenue by more than 20% – without cannibalising in-app purchase revenue or retention. The team worked across several game studios and had a lasting impact on Wooga’s growth trajectory.

You can see some examples below:

The AdWheel improved In-Game Advertising revenue by 30% and even had a positive impact on retention (mostly long-term (30-days and beyond)).


Picadera: Picadera is an e-commerce company founded in 2018. The target audience is equestrian riders interested in Iberian (Spanish, Portuguese, baroque) sporting equipment. I designed and built the shop system (based on Woocommerce) within a few weeks. Initially, the goal of the project was to validate the business idea quickly under realistic conditions. Since then, we published a series of iterations to improve the customer experience and allow for more sophisticated marketing efforts. It’s a lot of fun to step outside of mobile app development every now and then and into the fierce competition of the European e-commerce marketplace.


Understanding how the markets work and how to do storytelling are essential traits and skills for creating a valuable product. Below you can find examples of my work in brand & performance marketing campaigns:

TV Advertising: